US Patent No. 9,710,031


Patent No. 9,710,031
Issue Date July 18, 2017
Title Analog Interface For A Microprocessor-based Device
Inventorship Alan L. Westwick, Austin, TX (US)
Thomas S. David, Austin, TX (US)
Assignee Silicon Laboratories Inc., Austin, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,710,031

1. An apparatus comprising:
an integrated circuit comprising a processor and a driver, the integrated circuit being fabricated by a process establishing
a nominal maximum voltage for components of the integrated circuit,

wherein the driver is adapted to selectively electrically couple a voltage higher than the nominal maximum voltage to an external
terminal of the integrated circuit,

wherein the processor is adapted to control the driver to selectively couple together power supply rails, at least one of
the power supply rails being external to the integrated circuit.