US Patent No. 9,659,722


Patent No. 9,659,722
Issue Date May 23, 2017
Title Switching Device And Related Switchgear
Inventorship Carlo Boffelli, Dalmine (IT)
Roberto Penzo, Milan (IT)
Assignee ABB Schweiz AG, Baden (CH)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,659,722

1. A switching device for connecting and disconnecting a power line to and from, respectively, at least an associated electrical
load, comprising:
at least one phase of the switching device having a housing that includes a movable contact configured to be coupled to and
separated from a corresponding fixed contact, wherein the at least one phase of the switching device comprises:

an electrically semiconducting assembly having an insulating support operatively associated with a plurality of semiconductor
devices, wherein said plurality of semiconductor devices are connected in series and are electrically connected to said fixed
contact and to said movable contact during a portion of the movement of said movable contact, and wherein said semiconducting
assembly is configured to be installed into said housing such that said plurality of said semiconductor devices completely
surround all sides of at least a portion of at least one of said fixed contact and said movable contact when coupled to the
fixed contact.