US Patent No. 9,642,202


Patent No. 9,642,202
Issue Date May 02, 2017
Title Systems And Methods For Dimming Of A Light Source
Inventorship Hang Fai Li, Ma On Shan (HK)
Ping Ho Yee, Kwai Chung (HK)
Hoi Kuen Chan, Fanling (HK)
Chiu Ho Wong, Kowloon (HK)
Assignee ECOSENSE LIGHTING INC., Los Angeles, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,642,202

1. A system for dimming a lamp, comprising:
a lamp electronics facility with an operational duty cycle and providing power to a lamp light source, wherein the lamp electronics
facility is adapted to accept a dimming input signal to control a dimming function;

wherein the lamp electronics facility includes a fast startup dimming control override facility that overrides the dimming
input signal during startup of the lamp to override the dimming function through forcing the lamp electronics facility to
operate with a higher than operational duty cycle to deliver higher than operational power to the lamp light source during
a startup condition; and

wherein the lamp electronics facility is adapted to remove the override condition when an operational current level is reached,
being that level required to produce an illumination level by the lamp light source that corresponds to the dimming input
signal to the lamp light source.