US Patent No. 9,621,938


Patent No. 9,621,938
Issue Date April 11, 2017
Title Advertisement Targeting Scheme In A Multicast Abr Environment Based On Switched Video
Inventorship Chris Phillips, Hartwell, GA (US)
Jennifer Ann Reynolds, Duluth, GA (US)
Robert Hammond Forsman, Sugar Hill, GA (US)
Carl Furgusson, Eastleigh (GB)
Assignee ERICSSON AB, Stockholm (SE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,621,938

1. An advertisement targeting method in a multicast adaptive bitrate (MABR) streaming network, the method comprising:
when a subscriber device of a premises served by a premises gateway tunes to a particular MABR media channel, obtaining multicast
addresses and associated bitrates for a plurality of advertisement channels based on a subscriber demographic profile and
genre of the particular MABR media channel, wherein the subscriber device is one of a plurality of multicast subscriber devices
served via a premises video pipe managed by the premises gateway;

monitoring the particular MABR media channel for advertisement insertion markers and advertisement endpoint markers;
when an advertisement insertion marker is reached, joining a particular multicast advertisement channel having a select bitrate
representation based on the subscriber demographic profile, whereby the particular multicast advertisement channel rather
than the particular MABR media channel is delivered to the subscriber device, and wherein the select bitrate representation
for the particular multicast advertisement channel is determined responsive to modeling bandwidth allocation of the premises
video pipe based on a channel prioritization process taking into account multicast streams of remaining subscriber devices;

when an advertisement endpoint marker or an auto return is reached, (i) leaving the particular multicast advertisement channel,
and (ii) joining the particular MABR media channel to the tuned subscriber device,

wherein each of the plurality of advertisement channels is continuously and repetitively received by the premises gateway
from an MABR advertisement channel encoder (MACE) as a plurality of segmented MABR advertisement streams having different