US Patent No. 9,620,879


Patent No. 9,620,879
Issue Date April 11, 2017
Title Electrical Terminal
Inventorship Guo-Li Li, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,620,879

1. A terminal, comprising:
a base portion;
a mating portion consisting of a pair of elastic arms, the pair of elastic arms extending forwardly from the base portion
in symmetry with each other and cooperatively defining an insertion space, the pair of elastic arms each having a side wall
and two protrusions protruding toward the insertion space, the two side walls being opposite to each other and spaced apart
from each other and each being formed with a buffer section close to an end edge with an extension section between the buffer
section and the base portion, the two side walls each defining a height of the buffer section lower than a height of the extension
section, the protrusions of the each elastic arm being formed on the side wall and arranged along a front to rear direction
and spaced apart from each other, the protrusion at the front being at least partially positioned in the buffer section and
having a larger size than the protrusion at the rear;

an engaging portion extending rearwardly from the base portion; and
a fixed portion protruding from the base portion.