US Patent No. 9,586,336


Patent No. 9,586,336
Issue Date March 07, 2017
Title Kickback Detection System
Inventorship Amit Mehta, Itasca, IL (US)
Juergen Wiker, Schaumburg, IL (US)
Assignee Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, Broadview, IL (US) Robert Bosch GmbH, Stut...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,586,336

1. A method of detecting a kickback event for a table saw, the table saw including a motor having an arbor shaft for driving
a saw blade and a guide fence for guiding a workpiece, the method comprising:
operatively connecting a stress sensor to the table saw, the stress sensor being configured to detect deflection of a work
component during a cutting operation, the work component comprising at least one of the arbor shaft and the guide fence;

outputting sensor signals from the stress sensor indicative of the deflection of the work component; and
controlling the saw blade based on the sensor signals.