US Patent No. 9,563,015


Patent No. 9,563,015
Issue Date February 07, 2017
Title Optical Waveguide Structure And Manufacturing Method Thereof
Inventorship Yi-Jen Chiu, Kaohsiung (TW)
Yi-Jhe Chen, Kaohsiung (TW)
Chung-Yi Lin, Kaohsiung (TW)
Wei Lin, Kaohsiung (TW)
Assignee National Sun Yat-sen University, (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,563,015

1. An optical waveguide structure, comprising:
a first waveguide layer having a taper portion, a connecting portion, and a strip portion, wherein the connecting portion
is disposed between the taper portion and the strip portion;

a second waveguide layer; and
a binding layer disposed between the first waveguide layer and the second waveguide layer;
wherein the first waveguide layer is configured to couple a light beam through the taper portion and the connecting portion
to the strip portion; and the taper portion has a length ranged from 20 to 30 microns and a width gradually broadened from
0.3 microns to 0.5 microns.