US Patent No. 9,544,750


Patent No. 9,544,750
Issue Date January 10, 2017
Title Caller Location Determination Systems And Methods
Inventorship Michael R. Self, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (US)
Frederick L. White, Atlanta, GA (US)
Assignee LaaSer Critical Communications Corp., Atlanta, GA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,544,750

1. A non-transitory computer-readable medium storing computer executable instructions for:
determining a current location of a portable computing device;
receiving from a particular individual, via a user interface of a portable computing device, a request to place an emergency
call; and

at least partially in response to receiving the request to place an emergency call:
using the determined current location of the portable computing device to determine a dispatchable location for use in dispatching
emergency assistance to the particular individual;

updating a data structure to indicate that the portable computing device is at the determined current location, the data structure
being a data structure that a particular public-safety answering point that will be handling the emergency call will access
to determine location information for individuals who contact the public-safety answering point to request emergency assistance;

initiating an emergency call, by the portable computing device, to the public-safety answering point, regarding an emergency
involving the particular individual, wherein the step of determining a current location of the portable computing device comprises:

receiving a first current location for the individual, as determined via triangulation techniques;
receiving a second current location for the individual, the second current location having been input into the mobile computing
device by the user as part of the request to make the emergency call; and

determining to use the second current location as the individual's current location based on a set of rules that specifies
that location information provided by the particular individual will be used over location information determined by triangulation