US Patent No. 9,535,014


Patent No. 9,535,014
Issue Date January 03, 2017
Title Systems And Methods For Inspecting An Object
Inventorship Haim Feldman, Nof-Ayalon (IL)
Ido Dolev, Rehovot (IL)
Ido Almog, Rehovot (IL)
Assignee Applied Materials Israel Ltd., Rehovot (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,535,014

1. A system for inspecting an object, the system comprising:
an illumination module that comprises (a) a first traveling lens acousto-optic device that is configured to generate a first
traveling lens that propagates through an active region of the first traveling lens acousto-optic device; (b) a light source
that is configured to illuminate the first traveling lens to provide an input beam that propagates along a first direction;
(c) illumination optics that are configured to receive the input beam and to output, in response to the input beam, an output
beam that scans the object along a second direction;

a detection unit; and
a collection module that is configured to (a) collect a collected beam from the object, wherein the collected beam propagates
along a third direction; and (b) optically manipulate the collected beam to provide a counter-scan beam that is directed towards
the detection unit and has a focal point that is positioned at a same location regardless of the propagation of the collected
beam along the third direction.