US Patent No. 9,533,770


Patent No. 9,533,770
Issue Date January 03, 2017
Title Aircraft Bonding Network
Inventorship Alan Quayle, Bristol (GB)
James Wilson, Winscombe (GB)
Jon McAlinden, Bristol (GB)
Paul Hadley, Weston-Super-Mare (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,533,770

1. An aircraft assembly comprising a plurality of structural components and an electrically conductive bonding network, wherein
at least one of the structural components is formed of material of low electrical conductivity, and the bonding network includes
at least one substantially planar strip of highly electrically conductive material attached to at least the one structural
component, wherein a portion of the strip is formed as a substantially omega-shaped loop extending outwardly in a direction
away from a surface of the structural component, and wherein the strip has a first end and a second end opposite the first
end and the strip is attached to the structural component by at least one fastener at the first end and by at least one fastener
at the second end.