US Patent No. 9,532,380


Patent No. 9,532,380
Issue Date December 27, 2016
Title Wireless Data Exchange In A Network Comprising Collaborative Nodes
Inventorship Pascal Viger, Janze (FR)
Assignee Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,532,380

1. A method of data exchange on a wireless communication medium accessible by a plurality of nodes via a contention mechanism,
the plurality of nodes comprising a collaborative group of nodes, each node of the collaborative group being provided with
a first and a second MAC address, the method comprising at a first node of the group:
determining if a communication from a source node of the group to a node outside the group is required, and in the event of
a positive determination,

selecting the second MAC address of the source node as source address for issuing a request to access the medium,
requesting a time slot by issuing a request to access the medium with the second MAC address of the source node as source

receiving a medium access authorization granting the time slot, the method further comprising,
transmitting first data from the source node to the node outside the group using said second MAC address as a source address,
transmitting second data from a node of the group using its first MAC address as a source address, to another node of the

wherein both the transmission of first data and transmission of second data are realized within the granted time slot and
the first data transmission is separated from the second data transmission by a short control frame,

and wherein a MAC address used as a destination address of the short control frame is the first MAC address of a node of the
collaborative group.