US Patent No. 9,528,211


Patent No. 9,528,211
Issue Date December 27, 2016
Title Cleaning Apparatus
Inventorship Shiow-Jeng Lew, Taipei (TW)
Assignee Tatung Company, Taipei (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,528,211

1. A cleaning apparatus adapted to clean at least one object, the cleaning apparatus comprising:
a chamber adapted to receive a cleaning liquid;
a fixed assembly fixed within the chamber;
a movable assembly movably disposed on the fixed assembly, wherein the object is adapted to be hanged on the fixed assembly
or the movable assembly; and

a driving unit connected to the movable assembly and adapted to drive the movable assembly to perform a reciprocating motion
along a first direction, so that the object is clapped by the fixed assembly and the movable assembly,

wherein the fixed assembly comprises a first rack and at least one first frame, the movable assembly comprises a second rack
and at least one second frame, the first rack is fixed within the chamber, the second rack is slidably disposed within the
first rack along the first direction and connected to the driving unit, the first frame and the second frame are respectively
fixed at the first rack and the second rack and are arranged with interval along the first direction, and the object is adapted
to be hanged on the first frame or the second frame and at least partially located between the first frame and the second