US Patent No. 9,521,749


Patent No. 9,521,749
Issue Date December 13, 2016
Title Circuit Substrate And Electronic Device
Inventorship Koichi Odagaki, Kawasaki (JP)
Shuichi Kato, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,521,749

1. A circuit substrate on which an electronic component having a mounting terminal and a signal terminal is mounted, comprising:
a first mounting land configured to be connected to the mounting terminal by soldering; and
a second mounting land configured to be connected to the signal terminal by soldering,
wherein the first mounting land has a larger area than the second mounting land so as to increase reliability of connection
between the circuit substrate and the electronic component when the electronic component is mounted on the circuit substrate,

wherein said first mounting land is provided with a protruding portion of an insulating material formed so as to protrude
from an outer side of said first mounting land toward an inner side of said first mounting land,

wherein the protruding portion does not divide said first mounting land into a plurality of areas, and
wherein said second mounting land is not provided with the protruding portion.