US Patent No. 9,517,832


Patent No. 9,517,832
Issue Date December 13, 2016
Title Aircraft Wing With Wing Tip Device
Inventorship Huw Davies, Bristol (GB)
Nigel McKenna, Bristol (GB)
Assignee Airbus Operations Limited, Bristol (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,517,832

1. An aircraft wing assembly, comprising:
a wing having a wing box structure including an upper wing cover and a lower wing cover;
a wing tip device attached to the outboard end of the wing, wherein the wing tip device includes an upper cover and a lower

a gap of at least 5 mm between opposing edges of the lower cover of the wing tip device and the lower wing cover;
a seal assembly configured to aerodynamically seal the gap, wherein the seal assembly includes a bridging component on an
interior side of the gap and a seal, wherein the seal fills the gap and is supported by the bridging component;

wherein the bridging component has a generally T-shaped profile and includes an upright flange abutting the edge of the wing
tip device lower cover, an outboard flange abutting the interior surface of the wing tip device lower cover, and an inboard
flange extending to contact the interior surface of the lower wing cover.