US Patent No. 9,515,810


Patent No. 9,515,810
Issue Date December 06, 2016
Title Method And Device For Data Transmission
Inventorship Yali Zhao, Beijing (CN)
Fangli Xu, Beijing (CN)
Assignee China Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Beijing (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,515,810

1. A data transmission method, comprising:
when time division duplex uplink/downlink configurations of a plurality of cells aggregated by a user equipment, UE, are different
and only unidirectional data transmission is allowed in an uplink/downlink collision subframe, determining, by the UE, an
allowed data transmission direction of the uplink/downlink collision subframe, wherein if transmission directions of a subframe
in different cells aggregated by the UE are different, the subframe is referred to as an uplink/downlink collision subframe;

determining, by the UE, available subframes in an uplink data transmission direction and available subframes in a downlink
data transmission direction in each cell aggregated by the UE respectively, wherein available subframes determined in a data
transmission direction opposite to the allowed data transmission direction do not comprise the uplink/downlink collision subframe;

transmitting, by the UE, data in the available subframes in the uplink data transmission direction, and receiving data in
the available subframes in the downlink data transmission direction.