US Patent No. 9,505,298


Patent No. 9,505,298
Issue Date November 29, 2016
Title High Speed Traction Motor For A Vehicle Also Having An Auxiliary Open Brayton Cycle Power Assist And Range Extender
Inventorship Brock Fraser, Asheville, NC (US)
Philip J Mott, Dryden, NY (US)
Assignee BorgWarner Inc., Auburn Hills, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,505,298

1. A vehicle drive system (1) for driving a wheel (100) of a vehicle, the system (1) comprising:
an electric drive portion (2) including as high-speed electric motor (12) including a shaft (14) for driving the wheel (100);

a gas turbine drive portion (4) including a gas turbine assembly (28) comprising a turbine wheel (30) mounted on the shaft (14), a burner (70) for providing a stream of gas for driving the turbine wheel (30) and including an inlet for receiving compressed air, a compressor wheel (50) mounted on the shaft (14) and having an outlet for supplying compressed air to the burner (70), and a recuperator (80) disposed in the fluid path between the outlet of the compressor (50) and the inlet of the burner (70), the recuperator (80) configured to scavenge heat from the exhaust gas that is discharged from the turbine (30) to heat the compressed air being supplied to the burner (70), the gas turbine assembly (28) being directly coupled to the shaft (14) for driving the wheel (100) independent of the electric motor (12), wherein the gas turbine drive portion is operatively coupled in tandem with the electric drive portion (2) to assist the electric drive portion (2); and

a gear train unit (90) operatively coupled between the shaft (14) and the wheel (100) of the vehicle for transmitting power from one of the electric motor (12) or gas turbine assembly (28) or both to the wheel (100); and

a controller (66) connected to the electric motor (12) and the gas turbine assembly (28), the controller (66) configured to control the electric motor (12) and the gas turbine assembly (28) to provide power to the wheel (100) in

a first mode, in which the electric motor (12) is operated during normal driving operation and the gas turbine assembly (28) is not operated;

a second mode, in which higher power is required, and in which the electric motor (12) is operated to propel the vehicle and the gas turbine assembly (28) is operated to provide propulsion power in addition to that provided by the electric motor (12); and

a third mode, in which the gas turbine assembly (28) propels the vehicle and the electric motor (12) does not contribute to vehicle propulsion but operates as a generator to charge a battery.