US Patent No. 9,497,011


Patent No. 9,497,011
Issue Date November 15, 2016
Title Carrier Aggregation Feedback Method, Device And System For Different Tdd Uplink/downlink Configurations
Inventorship Xuejuan Gao, Beijing (CN)
Yanan Lin, Beijing (CN)
Zukang Shen, Beijing (CN)
Assignee China Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Beijing (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,497,011

1. A feedback method of aggregating carriers, comprising:
determining, from Time Division Duplexing, TDD, uplink/downlink configurations corresponding to respective carriers, that
the number M of sub-frames for which ACK/NACK needs to be fed back in a current uplink sub-frame is a largest one of the numbers
of sub-frames, for which ACK/NACK needs to be fed back in the current uplink sub-frame for the respective carriers, determined
from the TDD uplink/downlink configurations corresponding to the respective carriers, wherein the TDD uplink/downlink configurations,
configured in system information, corresponding to respective carriers comprise at least two TDD uplink/downlink configurations,
or the respective carriers comprise at least one Frequency Division Duplexing, FDD, carrier and at least one TDD carrier,
and the TDD uplink/downlink configuration is used for determining a timing relationship for a User Equipment, UE, to report
ACK/NACK feedback information of the carrier;

determining, from a value of M, ACK/NACK feedback information to be transmitted in the current uplink sub-frame;
determining, from the value of M, candidate channel resources for channel selection; and
transmitting the ACK/NACK feedback information by PUCCH format 1b with channel selection over the candidate channel resources.