US Patent No. 9,481,473


Patent No. 9,481,473
Issue Date November 01, 2016
Title Distributed Control System With Smart Actuators And Sensors
Inventorship Richard J. Skertic, Carmel, IN (US)
Assignee Rolls-Royce North American Technologies, Inc., Indianapolis, IN (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,481,473

1. A system for controlling operation of an aircraft engine, comprising:
a master controller including a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC);
a control node device coupled to a solenoid of the aircraft engine and to the master controller, the solenoid operable based
on a frequency response curve and between a bounded lower curve and a bounded upper curve, wherein the control node device:

tracks performance of the solenoid during operation of the aircraft;
compares the tracked performance with the bounded lower and bounded upper curves;
determines whether the solenoid of the aircraft engine is performing within specification based on the comparison of the tracked
performance against the bounded lower and bounded upper curves; and

if not performing within specification, indicates that the solenoid is out of specification; and
wherein the FADEC controls thrust in response to the indication from the control node device.