US Patent No. 9,481,003


Patent No. 9,481,003
Issue Date November 01, 2016
Title Pop-up Irrigation Sprinkler With Shock Absorbing Riser Spring Damping Cushion
Inventorship Michael L. Clark, San Marcos, CA (US)
Zachary B. Simmons, San Diego, CA (US)
William D. Holton, Vista, CA (US)
Assignee Hunter Industries, Inc., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,481,003

1. An irrigation sprinkler, comprising:
an outer case;
a riser assembly telescopically extensible from the outer case including a nozzle at an upper end of the riser assembly;
a coil spring surrounding the riser assembly and normally holding the riser assembly in a lower retracted position within
the outer case, the coil spring being dimensioned and configured to permit extension of the riser assembly to a raised upper
position when pressurized water is introduced into the outer case; and

a shock absorber, the shock absorber including:
a cushion made of an elastomeric material retained by a ring-shaped member made of a hard material, the ring-shaped member
being positioned between the riser assembly and the outer case;

a spring seat that surrounds the riser assembly and holds a downstream end of the coil spring, the spring seat positioned
between the cushion and the coil spring; and

a ring-shaped shield that surrounds the riser assembly and at least a portion of the spring seat, the shield configured to
move with respect to the spring seat in a direction parallel to the telescopic extension of the riser assembly, the shield

an annular flange surrounding a radially-outward surface of the cushion; and
an upper annular wall connected to the annular flange, the upper annular wall positioned on a side of the cushion opposite
the spring seat; wherein the cushion is surrounded by two or more of the spring seat, the ring-shaped shield, and the riser