US Patent No. 9,479,457


Patent No. 9,479,457
Issue Date October 25, 2016
Title High-performance, Scalable And Drop-free Data Center Switch Fabric
Inventorship Pradeep Sindhu, Los Altos Hills, CA (US)
Assignee Juniper Networks, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,479,457

1. A network system comprising:
a switch fabric comprising a plurality of switches interconnected to form a physical network, wherein the switches provide
connectionless packet-based switching for packets through the switch fabric;

a plurality of servers interconnected by the switch fabric, wherein each of the servers comprises an operating environment
executing one or more virtual machines in communication via one or more virtual networks, and

a plurality of host network accelerators, each of the host network accelerators comprising a hardware-based virtual router
configured to extend the one or more virtual networks to the operating environments of the virtual machines,

wherein each of the host network accelerators comprises a respective flow control unit that exchanges flow control information
with other ones of the flow control units of the host network accelerators, and

wherein the flow control information exchanged between each pair of first and second host network accelerators specifies:
an amount of packet data pending for transmission by the first host network accelerator to the second host network accelerator,
a maximum rate at which the second host network accelerator is permitted to send packets to the first host network accelerator,

a timestamp specifying a time at which the first one of the host network accelerators sent flow control information.