US Patent No. 9,470,408


Patent No. 9,470,408
Issue Date October 18, 2016
Title Illumination System
Inventorship Daniel B. McGowan, Glen Ellyn, IL (US)
Victor Zaderej, Wheaton, IL (US)
Mark A. Cole, Matteson, IL (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,470,408

1. An illumination system comprising:
a receiver configured to be mounted on a support surface, the receiver having a plurality of terminals attached thereto and
including a first wall;

a light emitting diode (LED) assembly positioned in the receiver, the LED assembly including a frame that includes a base
wall, a cup that includes a base with an aperture and a second wall that extends up from the base and a board positioned in
the cup, the board supporting electrical circuitry configured to convert AC voltage to DC voltage and including at least a
first and second electrical conductor, the cup filled with a potting material that extends from the second wall such that
the potting material substantially covers the board, wherein the cup is positioned in the frame;

a cover, a biasing element attached to the cover, the cover translatably coupled to the LED assembly, the biasing element
is positioned between the cover and the base wall of the frame wherein the cover is configured in operation to engage the
first wall and rotate with respect to the first wall and wherein the LED assembly is configured to translate vertically with
respect to the first wall without substantial rotation and urge the LED assembly against the support surface; and

an LED module with an anode and cathode and an LED array, the LED module positioned in the aperture such that the first and
second electrical conductor respectfully engage the anode and cathode, wherein the receiver includes a plurality of slots
that contain the plurality of terminals, the slots configured such that the plurality of terminals are touch-safe and the
LED assembly supports a plurality of blades, the blades configured to engage the terminals in the slots.