US Patent No. 9,460,299


Patent No. 9,460,299
Issue Date October 04, 2016
Title System And Method For Monitoring And Reporting Peer Communications
Inventorship Andrew Weiss, San Ramon, CA (US)
Daniel Hodges, San Francisco, CA (US)
Joseph Anakata, Alameda, CA (US)
Assignee Location Labs, Inc., Emeryville, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,460,299

1. A computer-implemented monitoring and reporting method comprising:
receiving via a network identifying information associated with at least one of an account, email address, site, or service
corresponding to a particular subject;

providing an on-line monitoring agent for locally monitoring the particular subject on a personal computing device, wherein
said on-line monitoring agent includes a redirection agent for redirecting network traffic of the particular subject;

receiving with a proxy server via the redirection agent an outgoing connection to a targeted application server;
monitoring via a network connectable computing system an account associated with the targeted application server at least
by scraping an application interface for at least one communication received by or generated by the particular subject;

monitoring overall activity, number of friend associations and content metrics associated with the at least one of an account,
email address, site, or service corresponding to the particular subject;

analyzing a plurality of communications between the particular subject and at least one peer to determine at least one of
a particular sentiment of the particular subject or a particular topic of a communication; and

reporting analyzed results to the user.