US Patent No. 9,457,458


Patent No. 9,457,458
Issue Date October 04, 2016
Title Fastener Removal
Inventorship Lee Wagstaff, High Peaks (GB)
Philip Lee Bradbury, Bramhall (GB)
Gareth Towlson, Tarporley (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,457,458

1. A method for removing a fastener from a component, the fastener comprising an end portion exposed from the component, the
end portion having a threaded section, the method comprising the following steps;
providing a cap with a threaded opening,
screwing the threaded opening of the cap onto the threaded section of the exposed end portion of the fastener, and
securing a percussive tool to the cap, such that repeated impacts from the percussive tool are directed onto the exposed end
portion of the fastener, wherein the percussive tool is secured to the cap by securing an impact member, which is secured
to the percussive tool, in a hollow section of the cap, such that the impact member is adjacent to the exposed end portion
of the fastener, and, whereby the impact member is rotatable inside the hollow section of the cap.