US Patent No. 9,455,819


Patent No. 9,455,819
Issue Date September 27, 2016
Title Method, System And Apparatus For Sending And Receiving Feedback Information
Inventorship Yanan Lin, Beijing (CN)
Zukang Shen, Beijing (CN)
Xuejuan Gao, Beijing (CN)
Xueming Pan, Beijing (CN)
Assignee China Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Beijing (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,455,819

1. A method of sending feedback information, comprising:
determining, by a user equipment, a dedicated feedback timing; and
sending, by the user equipment, feedback information, corresponding to downlink data, on a primary carrier according to the
determined dedicated feedback timing,

wherein the user equipment is a user equipment which is configured with carrier aggregation with different Time Division Duplex
(TDD) uplink-downlink configurations, and wherein the dedicated feedback timing is one of feedback timings supported by a
Release 8 Long Term Evolution (Rel-8 LTE) TDD system;

wherein before the user equipment sends the feedback information, the method further comprises a step of:
determining the number of bits of the feedback information by means of Formula 2 of:

wherein N is the number of bits of the feedback information, MXDL is the number of downlink subframes among M subframes on a carrier X, determined according to the dedicated feedback timing,
for which the feedback information needs to be transmitted in a same uplink subframe, C is the number of aggregated carriers,
and if a single-codeword transmission mode is configured for downlink or spatial bundling of the feedback information is configured
on the carrier X, then TBX=1, otherwise TBX=2.