US Patent No. 9,454,148


Patent No. 9,454,148
Issue Date September 27, 2016
Title Machine Control Device
Inventorship Yuuhei Osa, Yamanashi (JP)
Kenichi Itou, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,454,148

1. A machine control device, comprising:
a control unit body; and
a display operation device separated from the control unit body,
the control unit body includes:
a wireless power transmission circuit;
a light/magnetism generation unit configured to generate light or magnetism when the control unit body is turned on; and
a control-unit-side wireless communication circuit,
the display operation device includes:
a display unit including a display;
an operation unit including a keyboard;
a wireless power receiving circuit;
a charging circuit;
a battery configured to be charged by the charging circuit;
a switch configured to turn on the display operation device in response to the light or magnetism generated by the light/magnetism
generation unit of the control unit body;

a display operation device on/off state holding circuit configured to hold the on state of the switch until power is turned
off; and

a display-operation-device-side wireless communication circuit,
the control-unit-side wireless communication circuit and the display-operation-device-side wireless communication circuit
are configured to wirelessly transmit and receive data with each other,

the display operation device on/off state holding circuit is configured to be
turned on by a signal included in the data, and
turned off to turn off the display operation device, and
the wireless power receiving circuit of the display operation device is configured to receive the power wirelessly supplied
from the wireless power transmission circuit of the control unit body.