US Patent No. 9,444,196


Patent No. 9,444,196
Issue Date September 13, 2016
Title Electrical Connector
Inventorship Hong-Liang Wang, Chengdu (CN)
Shang-Xiu Zeng, Chengdu (CN)
Kian-Heng Lim, Singapore (SG)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,444,196

1. An electrical connector, comprising:
a tray comprising a first pushing block;
a terminal module;
an upper cover cooperating with the terminal module to define an insertion space extending along a front-rear direction for
insertion of the tray and an opening positioned at a front end of the insertion space for insertion of the tray; and

a detecting switch that includes a detecting terminal, the detecting terminal having a tail, an elastic arm extending forwards
and a second pushing block provided at a front end of the elastic arm, the detecting terminal being provided at one side of
the insertion space along a left-right direction, the detecting terminal not extending into the insertion space, and the elastic
arm having a contact, wherein the first pushing block is configured to push the second pushing block of the detecting terminal
so as to make the elastic arm of the detecting terminal and the contact displaced elastically in an up-down direction which
in turn causes the detection status of the detecting switch to change.