US Patent No. 9,439,959


Patent No. 9,439,959
Issue Date September 13, 2016
Title Chimeric Influenza Virus-like Particles
Inventorship Joel R. Haynes, Bozeman, MT (US)
Assignee TAKEDA VACCINES, INC., Bozeman, MT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,439,959

1. A chimeric influenza virus-like particle (VLP) comprising a gag poiypeptide, an influenza hemagglutinin polypeptide, and
an influenza neuraminidase polypeptide, wherein said VIP does not comprise influenza matrix M1 protein or fragments thereof;
and wherein the hemagglutinin polypeptide subtype is selected from the group consisting of H1, H3, and H5.