US Patent No. 9,437,347


Patent No. 9,437,347
Issue Date September 06, 2016
Title Method For Manufacturing An Electrostatic Discharge Device
Inventorship Eldrid Svasand, Valparaiso (CL)
Mark Buchanan, Oslo (NO)
Matti Knappila, Drammen (NO)
Geir Helgesen, Finstadjordet (NO)
Arnulf Maeland, Royal Palm Beach, FL (US)
Assignee CONDALIGN AS, Kjeller (NO)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,437,347

1. A method for manufacturing an ESD device having at least one anisotropic conductive or dissipative layer comprising a mixture
of a nonconductive matrix and conductive particles, wherein the method comprises:
a) applying a layer of the mixture over a first surface of the ESD device, the mixture having a first viscosity which allows
the conductive particles to rearrange within the layer;

b) applying an electric field between two alignment electrodes over the layer, so that a number of the conductive particles
are aligned with the field, thus creating conductive pathways, wherein at least one of the electrodes is not in direct contact
with the layer while the electric field is applied; and

c) changing the viscosity of the layer to a second viscosity, said second viscosity being higher than the first viscosity
in order to mechanically stabilize the layer and preserve the conductive pathways,

wherein a concentration of the conductive particles in the layer is below the percolation threshold.