US Patent No. 9,420,530


Patent No. 9,420,530
Issue Date August 16, 2016
Title Wap With Context Sensitive Energy Management
Inventorship Simon Duxbury, Danville, CA (US)
Wing Kai Chong, San Ramon, CA (US)
Mark Sheahan, Mountain View, CA (US)
Assignee Quantenna Communications, Inc., Fremont, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,420,530

5. A method for operating a wireless access point (WAP) transceiver configured to support wireless local area network (WLAN)
communications with a plurality of station nodes on a selected communication channel including a plurality of orthogonal frequency-division
multiplexed (OFDM) sub-carriers; and the method comprising:
correlating airtime usage of the selected communication channel by the WAP with one of an idle WLAN state characterized by
an absence of upstream or downstream communications and an active WLAN state characterized by at least one of upstream and
downstream communications on the WLAN; wherein the correlating act further comprises:

correlating airtime usage history with current airtime usage to optimize a correlation between airtime usage and the active
and idle WLAN states;

allocating during at least one of the idle and the active WLAN states, a portion of available airtime to at least one dormancy
interval in which a base power level of the WAP is reduced at least below a level required to support downstream communications;

identifying for the plurality of station nodes on the WLAN, a contention free period overlapping in time with the at least
one dormancy interval; thereby avoiding demand for WAP communication resources during the at least one dormancy interval.