US Patent No. 9,417,619


Patent No. 9,417,619
Issue Date August 16, 2016
Title Numerical Controller Having Function Of Re-machining Thread Cutting Cycle
Inventorship Kouhei Irie, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Shuji Ogawa, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Assignee FANUC Corporation, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,417,619

1. A numerical controller controlling a machine tool which carries out thread cutting machining, the numerical controller
having a thread re-machining function of re-machining a thread by reattaching a workpiece to a chuck, after once detaching
the workpiece from the chuck, in the process of a thread cutting cycle in which the thread cutting is carried out by repeating
motions of positioning a tool at a cutting start position on the basis of a machining program designating a thread shape,
and moving the tool in a direction of work axis relatively to the workpiece which is attached to the chuck of the machine
tool in synchronization with rotation of a spindle,
wherein the numerical controller comprises:
a thread position measuring means for measuring a position in a feed axis direction and a position in a direction of an incision
axis of the thread before re-machining in a state in which the workpiece is attached to the chuck of the machine tool;

a number of incisions calculating means for calculating a number of incisions to a thread on the basis of the position in
the feed axis direction and the position in the incision axis direction of the thread which are measured by the thread position
measuring means;

a phase deviating amount calculating means for calculating an amount of deviation in a phase of the screw thread caused by
reattachment of the workpiece, on the basis of the number of incisions which is calculated by the number of incisions calculating
means; and

a thread re-machining means for positioning the workpiece or the tool by using the number of incisions and the amount of deviation
in the phase so as to re-machine the thread.