US Patent No. 9,413,764


Patent No. 9,413,764
Issue Date August 09, 2016
Title Fuzzing Server Responses To Malicious Client Devices
Inventorship Kyle Adams, Brisbane, CA (US)
Assignee Juniper Networks, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,413,764

1. A security device, comprising:
one or more processors to:
receive a request, from a client device and intended for a server device, to provide a resource,
the resource being associated with information stored by the server device;
the client device executing a malicious script that performs one or more undesirable tasks directed to the server device,
the request being transmitted by the client device based on the client device executing the malicious script;
identify the request as being associated with the malicious script based on one or more of:
one or more other requests received from the client device,
a quantity of requests, received from the client device, within a particular amount of time, or
a score indicating a probability that the request is associated with the malicious script;
receive, from the server device, a response to the request,
the response including information associated with the resource;
modify the response to form a modified response,
the response being modified in an attempt to cause the malicious script to experience an error; and
provide the modified response to the client device to cause the malicious script, executing on the client device, to experience
an error.