US Patent No. 9,413,044


Patent No. 9,413,044
Issue Date August 09, 2016
Title Battery Assembly, Unit Cell And Cut-off Device
Inventorship Takashi Iwamoto, Chiba (JP)
Assignee Empire Technology Development LLC, Wilmington, DE (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,413,044

1. A battery assembly, comprising:
a unit cell wiring configured to provide at least one connection;
a plurality of unit cells configured to be coupled by the at least one connection provided by the unit cell wiring, wherein
each of the plurality of unit cells comprises:

a cut-off device configured to decouple an associated unit cell from the unit cell wiring, the cut-off device comprising:
a fuse circuit coupled in series with an associated unit cell body and comprising a meltable element, and
a heater circuit electrically isolated from the associated unit cell body and configured to produce heat in response to an
applied electric power, the heater circuit positioned such that the produced heat melts the meltable element; and

a power supply wiring coupled to each heater circuit and configured to supply each heater circuit with the electric power.