US Patent No. 9,410,878


Patent No. 9,410,878
Issue Date August 09, 2016
Title Portable Ultrafine Particle Sizer (pups) Apparatus
Inventorship Andrew Vize, Essex Junction, VT (US)
Matthew Casari, Waterbury, VT (US)
Jeff Frolik, Essex Junction, VT (US)
Britt Holmen, Burlington, VT (US)
Assignee The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Burlington, VT (...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,410,878

1. A portable particle sizer system for measuring sizes of particles in an aerosol gas sample, the system comprising:
at least one pump for pumping aerosol gas samples through the system, wherein the aerosol gas comprises particles;
at least one proportional valve connectable to the at least one pump;at least one flow meter connectable to the at least one pump for measuring aerosol gas flow through rates set by the at least
one pump and the at least one proportional valve;at least one corona ionizer for ionizing the particles, wherein the at least one corona ionizer comprises:
at least one tungsten needle; and
at least one ground ring electrode; andat least one reverse differential mobility analyzer (rDMA) for determining the particle size distribution based upon electrical
mobility, wherein the rDMA further comprises
at least one flexible printed electrode detector; and
at least one analog-digital-converter for converting ionized charge to a digital signal.