US Patent No. 9,408,319


Patent No. 9,408,319
Issue Date August 02, 2016
Title Electronic Component Having A Molded Component Housing
Inventorship Eberhard Haiss, Jungingen (DE)
Martin Rojahn, Tuebingen (DE)
Matthias Taglieber, Tuebingen (DE)
Thomas Schrimpf, Reutlingen (DE)
Matthias Ludwig, Moessingen (DE)
Andreas Blum, Reutlingen (DE)
Assignee ROBERT BOSCH GMBH, Stuttgart (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,408,319

1. An electronic component, comprising:
a micro component;
a molded component housing; and
an electrically conductive insert part embedded in the component housing for contacting the micro component, wherein the insert
part includes:

an accommodating area for accommodating the micro component;
at least one of solder and an adhesive, which is on a portion of the accommodating area and connects the accommodating area
to the micro component; and

walls that at least partially enclose the accommodating area and are spaced apart from the micro component, for decoupling
the micro component from material stresses of the component housing.