US Patent No. 9,407,054


Patent No. 9,407,054
Issue Date August 02, 2016
Title Laser Processing Apparatus Carrying Out Control To Reduce Consumed Power
Inventorship Ryusuke Miyata, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,407,054

1. A laser processing apparatus, comprising:
a laser oscillator generating laser light, the laser oscillator having a discharge tube to which a discharge tube voltage
is applied and a shutter part provided at an output route of the laser light;

a laser processing machine carrying out laser processing by using the laser light output through the output route from the
laser oscillator; and

a control part controlling the laser oscillator and the laser processing machine in accordance with a processing program,

the control part comprises
a preparatory operation part controlling the laser processing machine so as to start a preparatory operation for the laser
processing if a preparatory operation command is output before a laser output command and,

a mode switching part controlling the discharge tube voltage applied to the discharge tube and switching an operating mode
of the laser oscillator between a standard standby mode before carrying out the laser processing and an energy saving mode
with less consumed power than the standard standby mode, and

the mode switching part controls the discharge tube voltage so as to switch the operating mode to the energy saving mode before
the preparatory operation command is output and to start a switching operation of the operating mode from the energy saving
mode to the standard standby mode at the same time the preparatory operation command Is output.