US Patent No. 9,397,427


Patent No. 9,397,427
Issue Date July 19, 2016
Title Card Edge Connector
Inventorship Yi-Tse Ho, Tainan Hsien (TW)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,397,427

1. A card edge connector, comprising:
a housing having a first wall and a second wall which are opposite to each other, a slot between the first wall and the second
wall, and a plurality of first terminal grooves spaced apart from each other and provided to the first wall in a row, the
first terminal grooves being communicated with the slot respectively;

a plurality of first terminals fixedly provided to the first wall and positioned in the first terminal grooves respectively;

a terminal block, the terminal block comprising an insulative body engaged with the second wall and a plurality of second
terminals spaced apart from each other and provided to the insulative body in a row, each of the plurality of second terminals
having a fixed portion fixedly provided to the insulative body, a contact portion extending out of the insulative body and
extending into the slot, and a tail portion extending out of the insulative body, wherein the second wall has a mounting groove
that corresponds the terminal block, the mounting groove having a first pressing surface and a pair of holding portions positioned
at both ends of the first pressing surface and wherein the second wall further has a pair of protrusions provided and corresponding
to the mounting groove, the pair of protrusions oppositely protruding into the mounting groove from the pair of holding portions,
wherein the insulative body includes two end faces opposite to the holding portions respectively, a pressed surface abutting
against the first pressing surface and two recessed grooves recessed from the end faces respectively to received the protrusions
respectively and further leave clearances, wherein the insulative body can be floatingly received in the mounting groove.