US Patent No. 9,392,442


Patent No. 9,392,442
Issue Date July 12, 2016
Title Secured Application Communications
Inventorship Lyle Walter Paczkowski, Mission Hills, KS (US)
David A. Hufker, Shawnee, KS (US)
Michael David Svoren, Jr., Overland Park, KS (US)
Assignee Sprint Communications Company L.P., Overland Park, KS (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,392,442

1. A method of providing secure application communications on a wireless communication device, the method comprising:
identifying a communication request for a secured application on the wireless communication device, wherein the wireless communication
device comprises a secured processing system portion and an open processing system portion and wherein the secured application
comprises an application executable by the secured processing system portion;

selecting one or more radio transceivers for the communication request from a plurality of radio transceivers on the wireless
communication device based on preferences from the secured processing system portion;

initializing the one or more radio transceivers to search for availability data based on an open operating system command
from an open operating system executable by the open processing system portion;

identifying an appropriate transceiver based on the availability data; and
wirelessly communicating data for the secured application using the appropriate transceiver,
wherein the open processing system portion and the secured processing system portion each comprise at least one processing