US Patent No. 9,389,301


Patent No. 9,389,301
Issue Date July 12, 2016
Title Method And Apparatus For Determining Tag Location
Inventorship Howard Huang, New York, NY (US)
Dragan Samardzija, Highlands, NJ (US)
Irwin Kennedy, Londonerry (IE)
Stefan Valentin, Stuttgart (DE)
Dmitry Chizhik, Highland Park, NJ (US)
Gregory Wright, Fair Haven, NJ (US)
Sarabjot Singh, Austin, TX (US)
Assignee Alcatel Lucent, Boulogne-Billancourt (FR)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,389,301

1. An apparatus for providing a tag location of a tag, the apparatus comprising:
an anchor configured to receive a wireless signal from the tag;
a data storage configured to store a set of channel responses; and
a processor communicatively connected to the data storage, the processor being configured to:
determine an estimated channel response based on the received wireless signal; and
estimate the tag location based on the estimated channel response and the set of channel responses;
wherein determination of the estimated channel response includes configuring the processor to perform a matched filtering
operation; and

a matched filter receiver communicatively connected to the processor, the matched filter receiver being configured to:
correlate the received wireless signal;
estimate a set of channel response characteristics associated with the received wireless signal; and
provide the set of channel response characteristics to the processor;
wherein the matched filtering operation is based on the transmitted wireless signal.