US Patent No. 9,387,561


Patent No. 9,387,561
Issue Date July 12, 2016
Title Screw Fastening Device
Inventorship Toshimichi Yoshinaga, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee Fanuc Corporation, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,387,561

1. A robot system comprising:
a robot; and
a screw fastening device which is attached to a front end of the robot;
wherein the screw fastening device includes;
(i) a base part which is fixed to the front end of the robot,
(ii) an extended part with one end which is attached to said base part in a pivotable manner,
(iii) a tool part which is fastened to another end of said extended part and is configured to rotate a screw,
(iv) a pushing mechanism which pushes said tool part against said screw through said extended part in an axial direction of
said screw,

(v) a guide part which is fastened to said base part, and
(vi) a torque generating part which generates a torque which makes said extended part rotate along said guide part in a radial
fastening direction of said screw,

wherein, in a screw fastening operation, when the robot is made to rotate about the tool part in the radial fastening direction,
the torque generating part generates a certain torque so that the extended part rotates along the guide part in the radial
fastening direction of the screw thereby rotating the tool part and the screw that is pushed against said tool part.