US Patent No. 9,381,651


Patent No. 9,381,651
Issue Date July 05, 2016
Title Transfer Device Sucking And Transferring Object
Inventorship Yoshinori Ochiishi, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee Fanuc Corporation, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,381,651

1. A transfer device comprising:
a suction unit capable of sucking an object; and
a transfer unit moving the suction unit, wherein the suction unit comprises:
a base member attached to the transfer unit;
a plurality of nozzles provided for a plurality of types of objects, each of the nozzles including an air inlet at an end
portion and an air outlet at another end portion;

a housing chamber formation unit attached to the base member, forming a chamber for housing said another end portion of each
of the plurality of nozzles, and including a sealing unit located at an end of said chamber and facing the air outlets of
the plurality of nozzles;

a negative pressure generation unit generating negative pressure inside the chamber; and
a drive unit driving the plurality of nozzles such that the air outlet of a nozzle selected from the plurality of nozzles
in accordance with a type of the object is separated from the sealing unit, and the air outlet of a non-selected nozzle is
positioned against the sealing unit to be sealed.