US Patent No. 9,379,467


Patent No. 9,379,467
Issue Date June 28, 2016
Title Optical Connector Having A Press-fit Guide Portion
Inventorship Akihiro Shimotsu, Ebina (JP)
Masayuki Arai, Yokohama (JP)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,379,467

1. An optical connector, the optical connector comprising:
a cable having formed therein an optical waveguide, the cable including a front cable-side guide recess and at least one lateral
cable-side guide portion; and

a plug connected to the cable, the plug including a front guide protrusion , at least one side guide protrusion and at least
one side guide recess, the plug being mounted on a connector housing, the connector housing including at least one connector
housing guide portion, the connector housing and each connector housing guide portion being formed of an insulative material;

the front guide protrusion is received within the front cable-side guide recess;
each side guide recess is formed at the same position as a corresponding side guide protrusion;
each connector housing guide portion is received with within one side guide recess and prevents to prevent movement of the
plug in both the length and width direction;

the plug includes a plug housing, the plug housing including a plug-side guide portion and being attached to the cable; and
each connector housing guide portion is press fit into a plug housing guide portion of the plug housing.