US Patent No. 9,370,850


Patent No. 9,370,850
Issue Date June 21, 2016
Title Machining Tool With Cutting Fluid Passageway Having Opened Upper Portion
Inventorship Yuuzou Inaguchi, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,370,850

1. A machining tool, comprising:
a cover that isolates the inside of the machining tool, which is a machining space, from the outside, wherein the machining
tool is configured to machine a workpiece by moving a tool attached to a spindle relative to the workpiece set on a table;

a cutting fluid passageway disposed inside the machine tool and configured to supply a cutting fluid to a predetermined position
inside the machine tool on which scattered chips are accumulated by machining,

wherein the cutting fluid passageway extends in a single straight line from a first side of the machining space to a second
side of the machining space, the second side opposite to the first side,

wherein the cutting fluid passageway has an end at the second side, and a side portion between the first side and the second
side, and

wherein the cutting fluid passageway has an opening in the upper portion thereof and along a passageway direction of the cutting
fluid passageway, and is configured to supply both (i) the cutting fluid that overflows from the side portion of the cutting
fluid passageway and (ii) the cutting fluid that flows out of the end of the cutting fluid passageway to said predetermined