US Patent No. 9,369,881


Patent No. 9,369,881
Issue Date June 14, 2016
Title Modification Of Antenna Dipole Element Orientation For Enhanced Radio Transmission
Inventorship Chaitanya Chukka, Overland Park, KS (US)
Andrew M. Wurtenberger, Olathe, KS (US)
Assignee Sprint Communications Company L.P., Overland Park, KS (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,369,881

1. A computerized method carried out by at least one server having one or more processors for dynamically changing an orientation
of dipole elements on an antenna associated with a wireless communications network, the method comprising:
receiving angle information from at least a first user device, the angle information indicating the angle of arrival corresponding
to the at least the first user device;

based on at least the received angle information, determining to reorient the dipole elements of one or more pairs of dipole
elements on the antenna from a first orientation to a second orientation, wherein the first orientation provides a different
polarization of the one or more pairs of dipole elements than the second orientation; and

by way of a signaling message communicated to a movement mechanism, causing the dipole elements of the one or more pairs of
dipole elements to be moved to the second orientation.