US Patent No. 9,366,994


Patent No. 9,366,994
Issue Date June 14, 2016
Title Developer Container, Cartridge, And Image Forming Apparatus
Inventorship Seiichi Shinohara, Mishima (JP)
Hiroki Ogino, Mishima (JP)
Kojiro Yasui, Numazu (JP)
Assignee Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,366,994

1. A developer container configured to contain developer to be used for image formation, the developer container comprising:
a first electrode provided in the developer container;
a second electrode provided opposing to the first electrode configured to detect an electrostatic capacitance between the
first electrode and the second electrode, to detect a quantity of the developer;

a conveyance member provided between the first electrode and the second electrode and on a bottom surface side inside the
developer container, and configured to convey the developer contained in the developer container; and

a vibration imparting member configured to impart vibration to the conveyance member,
wherein the developer on a developer conveyance surface of the conveyance member contacting the developer is conveyed by the
vibration of the conveyance member.