US Patent No. 9,362,885


Patent No. 9,362,885
Issue Date June 07, 2016
Title Piezoelectric Device
Inventorship Takumi Ariji, Saitama (JP)
Hiromasa Nakatake, Saitama (JP)
Takehiro Takahashi, Saitama (JP)
Assignee NIHON DEMPA KOGYO CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,362,885

1. A piezoelectric device, comprising:
a piezoelectric vibrating piece that includes: a vibrating portion; a framing portion, surrounding the vibrating portion;
an excitation electrode, disposed in the vibrating portion; and an extraction electrode, electrically connected to the excitation
electrode, the extraction electrode being disposed in the framing portion;

a lid portion, bonded to a front surface of the piezoelectric vibrating piece via a bonding material; and
a base portion that includes an external electrode bonded to a back surface of the piezoelectric vibrating piece via a bonding
material, the external electrode being electrically connected to the extraction electrode, wherein

the excitation electrode and the extraction electrode each include:
a foundation film, formed of metal to be rendered passive; and
a first metal film and a second metal film, laminated to the foundation film, wherein
the foundation film has a film with a thickness of 1.0 nm to 8.0 nm.