US Patent No. 9,360,424


Patent No. 9,360,424
Issue Date June 07, 2016
Title Device For Calibrating A Scatterometer
Inventorship Daniel Strack, Uhingen (DE)
Reinhard Hoss, Plochingen (DE)
Michael Neuendorf, Plochingen (DE)
Gerhard Haaga, Ohmden (DE)
Karl Stengel, Deizisau (DE)
Andrea Matteucci, Stuttgart (DE)
Assignee ROBERT BOSCH GMBH, Stuttgart (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,360,424

1. A calibration device for calibrating a scatterometer, comprising:
at least one scattering body that emits scattered light at a defined intensity and distribution when irradiated by a light
beam, wherein the scattering body includes an emission surface for the scattered light;

at least one light sensor assigned to the emission surface and for detecting the scattered light exiting the emission surface;
a screening body including at least one screen opening through which the scattered light exits in a direction of the at least
one light sensor, the screening body assigned to the emission surface of the scattering body;

a carrier including a receptacle for the scattering body, wherein on account of the carrier the scattering body is positioned
in a defined position within a measuring chamber of the scatterometer, wherein:

the carrier has a form of a pin that is insertable into an opening of a housing of the scatterometer using a guide section,
so that the scattering body accommodated in the pin is located within the measuring chamber in a beam path of the light beam,

the pin is embodied from a hollow cylinder pin having a cylinder wall and having a cavity formed within the cylinder wall,
the cylinder wall is insertable into the opening of the housing using the guide section, and
the screening body is formed from the cylinder wall, into which at least one penetration is introduced for forming the at
least one screen opening.