US Patent No. 9,357,429


Patent No. 9,357,429
Issue Date May 31, 2016
Title Estimating Average User Throughput In A Wireless Network
Inventorship Daniel Stewart Broyles, Olathe, KS (US)
Assignee Sprint Communications Company L.P., Overland Park, KS (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,357,429

7. A method of estimating user throughput in a network, the method comprising:
selecting a cell sector;
setting a desired number of users of the network;
generating traffic for all users, wherein the traffic simulates various applications and media types which traverse the sector;
assigning the generated traffic to a plurality of carriers in the cell sector, wherein the carriers are selected from the
group comprising code division multiple access (CDMA) carriers, evolution data optimized (EVDO) carriers, or long-term evolution
(LTE) carriers;

simulating carrier processing of one or more sessions, wherein simulating carrier processing of one or more sessions comprises:
determining a number of iterations required to simulate traffic in the network,
selecting a current time period,
identifying the one or more sessions having a start time during the current time period,
assigning the identified sessions iteratively to a carrier,
simulating processing the identified sessions assigned to the carrier, and
calculating a data rate for the carrier; and
deriving a function based on relationships between size of the generated traffic processed by the carriers and an average
user throughput.