US Patent No. 9,356,789


Patent No. 9,356,789
Issue Date May 31, 2016
Title Robust Control Plane Assert For Protocol Independent Multicast (pim)
Inventorship Anish Peter, Bangalore (IN)
Robert W. Kebler, Newburyport, MA (US)
Vikram Nagarajan, Bangalore (IN)
Assignee Juniper Networks, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,356,789

1. A method comprising:
initiating a Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) election process for selecting one of a plurality of routers as a forwarding
router to forward multicast traffic to a shared media computer network;

determining, with a first one of the routers, whether the first one of the routers has received the multicast traffic; and
outputting, with the first one of the routers based on the determination and in association with the PIM election process,
a PIM assert message,

wherein the PIM assert message comprises assert information for a plurality of different multicast sources for a plurality
of multicast groups, and

wherein the PIM assert message includes, for each of the multicast sources of each of the multicast group, an indication as
to whether the first one of the routers has successfully received multicast traffic for the corresponding combination of multicast
source and multicast group.