US Patent No. 9,355,322


Patent No. 9,355,322
Issue Date May 31, 2016
Title Road Environment Recognition Device
Inventorship Yosuke Sakamoto, Tochigi-Ken (JP)
Assignee Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,355,322

1. A road environment recognizing apparatus comprising:
an image capturing unit that is mounted on a vehicle and captures an image including a road on which the vehicle is driven;
a candidate point extractor that extracts a plurality of candidate points indicating respective candidate positions of intermittent
lane marks from within the image that is captured by the image capturing unit;

a connecting line determiner that determines a primary connecting line represented by the lane marks, by successively connecting
two or more candidate points along a first direction away from the vehicle, from a candidate point that serves as a starting
point at a position close to the vehicle; and

a branch point discriminator that decides whether or not a branch point exists on the primary connecting line, on basis of
a first positional relationship between the primary connecting line determined by the connecting line determiner and remaining
candidate points that do not make up the primary connecting line,

wherein if the branch point discriminator decides that a branch point exists, the connecting line determiner further determines
a secondary connecting line, which is indicated by one of the lane marks, by successively connecting two or more candidate
points from among the remaining candidate points, along a second direction that intersects with the first direction, from
the branch point that serves as a starting point.