US Patent No. 9,341,408


Patent No. 9,341,408
Issue Date May 17, 2016
Title Scrubber System With Moving Adsorbent Bed
Inventorship Malcolm N. Fleming, Jr., Syracuse, NY (US)
Catherine Thibaud-Erkey, South Windsor, CT (US)
Assignee CARRIER CORPORATION, Farmington, CT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,341,408

1. A refrigerated transport container comprising:
a cargo box;
a compressor and a condenser/gas cooler module isolated from the cargo box by a partition panel;
an evaporator module including an evaporator heat exchanger and an associated evaporator fan disposed in air flow communication
with the cargo box;

a regenerative scrubber system for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere within the cargo box, the regenerative scrubber
system comprising:

a scrubber module containing a carbon dioxide adsorbent material; and
an actuator for moving the scrubber module to pass the carbon dioxide adsorbent material alternately between a first flow
of air to be cleaned drawn by the evaporator fan from within the cargo box from which carbon dioxide is removed and a second
flow of air from an environment outside the cargo box for regenerating the carbon dioxide adsorbent material by removing collected
carbon dioxide from the carbon dioxide adsorbent material.